About Maverique

About Maverique

Maverique is the post-traumatic-growth-induced fever dream of queer & non-binary artist Chelsea Blank. 

Near death after a lifetime of psychological abuse, Chelsea lit the match on their old life and starting growing anew. Their colorful, detailed photography style was slowly cultivated through an ever-growing need for peace, autonomy, and freedom.

These vibrant, abstract prints begin as fine art photographs born from moments of mindfulness. Chelsea's art is turned into kaleidoscope-like designs that remind us that transformation is our birthright. You are meant to bloom and grow, you multi-faceted miracle, you!

Our juicy colors and distinct patterns are truly one of a kind - but the details draw you closer, encouraging contemplation and your own little moment of presence. 

We make clothes for all humans and we adore all humans. We're helping create a world where all humans are free to wear beautiful garments they feel comfortable in. Where all humans are free to simply be. 


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